WEE are a podcast network run by co-hosts and long-time friends, Jack and Dan. Currently WEE has two regular podcasts, Worst Episode Ever (A Simpsons Podcast) and 90s Percentile. Be a pal and sign up for our Official WEE Studios Newsletter!

WEE have even been featured in a number of actual notable publications and series, like these:

What is “Worst Episode Ever?”

It's a Simpsons podcast. It's right there in the title actually.

But if you need more info, it's  a podcast by people who love “The Simpsons,” for people who love “The Simpsons,” about how much we hate “The Simpsons.” Our mission is to find which episode is THE worst episode ever. And we say “hate” with a lot of love. We’re not just mocking these episodes because they are new, we take time and dig into them to find out WHY they don’t work (or even why they do work) and how they compare to the so-called “classic” years of “The Simpsons.” Along the way, we talk about how the show has changed in style over the years with only occasional detours into talking about 80's sitcoms and Spider-Man and a vast array of characters who linger at the bus stop just outside of WEE Studios...

What is "90s Percentile?"

After we had been doing Worst Episode Ever for a while, we launched a second podcast focused on 90s nostalgia to reach out to the very few people who liked hearing us but aren't huge Simpsons fans. Basically everything we shouldn't do on Worst Episode Ever, we do it on 90s Percentile. The show is unedited and when the episode starts, we start a sixty minute timer and keep going until it stops. Plus, we take our topics from our listeners, pick them out at random, and talk about them completely cold (with some help from Wikipedia). 

What are the Classic Years of “The Simpsons?”

The eternal question for the Simpson fan. Dan puts seasons one through ten as classics, with the earlier and later episodes being a little rougher and the middle as about the best television has ever been. Jack says seasons three through eight, which is basically the same thing as Dan, Jack just has to be different... 

How does “Worst Episode Ever” work? 

Every other Thursday we put out a new show based around a “post-classic Simpsons” episode, meaning Season 11 through today, (though we have done at least one Season 9 episode and may do other "classic" episodes too). In the first few minutes of the show, we discuss whether or not we’ve seen that week’s episode before or what we think we know about it if we haven’t. We then pause our recording, watch the episode, and come back with our reactions and discussion. That’s the bulk of the show. Finally, we rank the episode we watched on our master list of the worst episodes ever located here. Sometimes, we do other things, like read Dan’s fan fiction. 

I'm new, How should I start listening? 

Well, first off, welcome. You could start with our first show (where we watched Season 11's "Saddlesore Galactica") and go from there. But, the show has changed a lot since our first episode. WEE #7 (Season 24's "Penny-Wise Guys") is probably a good one sampler, as is WEE #17 (Season 26's "The Man Who Came to Be Dinner"). These are personal favorites that also established some long running inside jokes. Both might be better “jumping on points” than WEE #1, and if you like what you hear you should listen to the archives. Or just listen to whatever the most recent episode is. Or our current worst. Or just listen to whichever Simpsons episode you know best. We can't do everything for you. 

90s Percentile is much less sequential. Look for a topic that interests you and just dive in, though many times, the topics in the episode have little or no connection to our actual conversation. 

Do I need to be a “Simpsons” fan to enjoy Worst Episode ever?

You could probably appreciate aspects of the show, but we can’t imagine anyone who isn’t a fan of “The Simpsons” is interested in our podcast in the first place. If we do have fans like that, please let us know. But WEE do also have a more general podcast called 90s Percentile that you might be interested in

Do I need to have watched the Simpsons episode to enjoy the podcast? 

We’re not the best judges of that, we’ve never had to listen to our own podcast. You probably should have seen the episode at some point, and we do our best to recap the episode’s basic plot before we dig into individual scenes and storylines. But we do get really in-depth on certain aspects of the episode, so if you want to follow along with everything we’re saying, yeah watch the episodes. 

How can I watch the episodes?

Every single episode of the series is legally available for streaming in the US on www.simpsonsworld.com, but you have to be a cable subscriber with FXX. Or, you can buy the episodes digitally through Amazon. While we don’t condone any illegal downloading of episodes, if that’s your thing, we’re pretty sure the Internet can make it happen. We always announce what episode will be discussed the following week and provide the Simpsons World link beforehand and in the show notes, so you have plenty of time to watch before you listen. 

Why do you talk about "Insert 80’s/90’s TV Show Here" so much? 

We’re both big nerds who grew up watching a lot of crap TV, and we are fond of it. There wasn’t always Netflix and the Internet and 1000 cable channels. Sometimes, if you refused to go outside or socialize with others, you were forced to watch “Mama’s Family” reruns and that weird first season of “Charles in Charge” where he worked for a different family. That was us. We also really like "Empty Nest."

Can you put out more than one show a week? 

On average, we do! 90s Percentile comes out every Monday and Worst Episode Ever comes out every other Thursday. WEE takes a lot longer to produce and since we both work full-time, it was necessary in order to keep our sanity. When WEE runs long and we cut out interesting discussions, ridiculous tangents, or anything else that makes us laugh, we put out a “minisode” between regular episodes. You need to subscribe if you don't want to miss those. 

Who are WEE? 

WEE are podcast hosts and WEE Studios founders, Dan and Jack. We’ve been friends since freshman year of high school in 1998. We’re big Simpsons nerds and we were both alive for every year of the 90s. You can follow us personally on Twitter if you want. Dan is @ThenDanSays and Jack is @JackieNoBrakes.

I have opinions about your podcasts/The Simpsons/the 90s/anything else. 

That’s not a question, but we’ll answer it anyway. We love hearing from our listeners and you can get in touch with us in tons of different ways. Comment on the show notes for an episode here on the website. Tweet us @worstepisodepod. Get on our Facebook page. Or just send us a good old fashioned email at worstepisodepod[at]gmail.com. You can also submit your comments when you suggest an episode on our fancy suggestion form. And if you’re really desperate and live in the New York City area, you can talk to us in person at Simpsons Trivia. 

I like you guys and I want you to be happy and successful.

Thanks! The best things you can do are click through our Amazon banners and tell your friends about the show!

I hate you guys and I want you to be miserable and sad.

Thanks! The worst things you can do are click through our Amazon banners and tell your friends about the show!

I have a Simpsons Episode I'd like to suggest.

Fantastic. You can use this form we set up for that exact purpose. 

What’s this about Simpsons Trivia? 

It’s Woo Hoo Classic Simpsons Trivia, where Dan and friend of the show, Dan Ozzi, co-host a monthly Simpsons Trivia night in Brooklyn. It's at the Kings Beer Hall, 7:30 PM, first Thursday of every month. If you’d like to attend, you can join our Facebook group, or if you’re not in Brooklyn, you can join this OTHER Facebook group and find other Simpsons Trivias. 

What’s wrong with your upper lip/Why does one of you look like Nelson’s goon from Season 1?

If we have to explain it, it’s not funny, but here is this logo for the Itchy and Scratchy show as comparison.

Do You Guys Like the Simpsons Movie? 

For just $2, you can find out.  

You said something confusing. Am I missing something?

Maybe. The show isn’t exactly Serial, but we have developed our own shorthand for certain concepts and other bits of ridiculousness that we bring up from time to time. Here’s where some of them began: 

Hatred of musical numbers - Episode 1
Hatred of jockey elves - Episode 1

“Shoe-horned in (pop pop pop)” - Episode 7
Dan’s Fan Fiction - Episodes 7,  11, 20
Our Love of Popeye’s Chicken - Episode 8
“Mindsy Maegel” - Episode 11
“Web of Spider-Man” - Episode 13
Vlassic Pickles - Episode 14
Daleks/Dan Hedalek - Episode 17, Episode 21
Groophic - Episode 29
Little Ghost Girl - Episode 32
Leonardo DiCaprio is Everything in the Universe - Episode 36
The French-Canadian Invasion - Episode 39

This list is woefully inadequate now. There's also DiDraculos, Freets, the Mets going all the way this year, and many many more. If any fan ever wants to put together a wiki of all of our bits and running gags... they should!