Worst Episode Ever #8: Bang Clunk

This week on what some have called “the ‘Serial’ of Simpsons podcasts” we expect a horrible trainwreck and instead find a slightly less worse one. Must mean it’s time for Season 18’s “Rome-Old and Juli-Eh,” an infamous episode where Grampa marries Selma, his son’s sister-in-law. Took 18 years, but finally that sexual tension gets addressed. We examine scaling back freeze-frame gags in newer episodes, perform “episode alchemy” to see what older episodes combined to get this one, and talk Jane Kaczmarek with Jack, our resident Kaczmarekspert. Is Gandalf better than all of “Star Wars?” Are you sick of us talking about the over-sexualization of Marge? Do you also create fantasy sound design jokes in your head? All that, plus Popeye’s chicken, dark jokes about senility, and a literal dragon. If you read all of this without listening first, you are very confused. Enjoy!

NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: Season 23’s Lisa Goes GaGa!

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