Worst Episode Ever #7: Shoehorned In

This week on an over-stuffed “Worst Episode Ever,” it’s Season 24’s “Penny-Wiseguys” starring Steve Carrell, the Thanksgiving of actors. Carrell plays a mafia accountant who gets put in charge, an okay story idea that makes a fairly terrible Simpsons episode. We examine the fanboy-ization of modern era jokes, tackle the disturbing over-sexualization of Marge, and prove how little we know about TV professionals by reverse-engineering the modern Simpsons episode writing process. Why does the Simpson family barely appear on their own show? When did Bart become an actual criminal and not a mischievous scamp? And did they really bring Alex Trebek into the studio for this? All that, plus insectivorians, bogons, and a brand new feature where Dan reads his old Simpsons fan fiction. Either listen to WEE or enjoy getting coffee for Roy Disney III…

NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: Season 18’s Rome-Old and Juli-Eh

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