Worst Episode Ever #20: Nerdy Canon Game

Our twentieth episodery already? Time flies at WEE Studios... To celebrate, Jack and Dan endure the season 13 clip show "Gump Roast," which features a timely "Forrest Gump" parody, clips from much better episodes, and the damned catchy "They'll Never Stop The Simpsons." Does every episode of "The Simpsons" take place in Homer's mind? Does all of television take place in the mind of a small boy? And why has this show not done another clip show in the past 13 years? Find out, plus Dan talks about the worst X-Men power, Jack ties "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" with Empty Nest, and together they get more gongs than the breakdancing robot that caught on fire. And, because you tolerated it, another installment of Dan's awful teenage Simpsons fan-fiction.

NEXT WEEK: Season 13's The Frying Game

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