Worst Episode Ever #25: Guardians of the Miami

So it's come to this and we hope we're not looking like quite the fools. It's the first day of April and Dan & Jack have flown the coop after reviewing season 6's O-Henryesque anti-classic "Mom's the Word." Hopefully you're not feeling empty inside after hearing what we have to say, even though this episode is surely one for the birds! What actor was the Charlie Sheen of the early 90s? How was Cheech Marin the gum of "Golden Palace?" And where does Jeopardy! steal its questions from? All that, plus, the original non-ironic Quagmire, Ham Harry, and some cartoon show about a family or something. Now who's laughing, now who's laughing!

4/2/15 - UPDATE: Yes, WEE Fans, this was our April Fool's Day episode devoted to hit 80's/90's sitcom, "Empty Nest." Hence the image we used here. Some of you liked it, some of you hated it, as expected. Either way, we had a blast doing it (and that's the point of April Fool's Day, isn't it?) If you are a new listener, this is a TERRIBLE episode to start with. 

NEXT WEEK: Season 21's The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed (really this time!)

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