Worst Episode Ever #13: Unwanted Bestiality

What better way to break in the new year than panda-on-man sexual assault? Yes, WEE've sobered up since New Years, and are ready for Season 12's "Homer Vs. Dignity," one of our most requested episodes. Homer needs money, Mr. Burns hires him as his "prank monkey," and nothing is resolved in an episode that just kind of ends. Maybe we do need another drink... We debate the existence/goodness of Lindsay Naegle, illuminate the weird sexual undercurrent in the episode, and discuss Mr. Burns' misunderstanding of what a prank is. When did Moe become so creepy? Why does no one in Springfield mourn the great hobo genocide? And why is a Simpsons podcast in 2015 talking about hit 80s sitcom "Empty Nest?" All that, plus, Jack forgets the planets, Dan nerds out about Spider-Man, and much, much more. (And if anyone from Marvel is out there, we are available to write that "Spider-Man/Vulture: The Empty Nest" limited series...)

NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE: Season 17's "Bonfire of the Manatees"

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