Worst Episode Ever #17: Crazy Make 'Em Up Playland

Not a "what if?," not a Halloween episode, not a dream, but a real-life fictional cartoon show where The Simpsons go to SPAAACE! Yes, they "break reality" (but really it's long broken, thank you "Saddlesore Galactica") as the family goes to Dizneeland only to wind up taken away to Rigel 7 by Kang and Kodos in an extended rehashing of other episodes. Remember Kang and Kodos' first appearance in Season 2? Remember Itchy & Scratchy Land? Remember Homer eating potato chips in space? Well, get ready for them AGAIN, only slightly different and now in HD! And how does "Star Trek" factor into the ending? It just does! Don't ask questions! All that, plus our Jokes 101 course for preschoolers, terrible Dalek impressions, and those hot rodding teenagers from Dimension X. This was our most requested episode, but is it as good as those Brian Setzer Orchestra parody films? Our answer may surprise you... 

NEXT WEEK: Season 21's "Moe Letter Blues"

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