Worst Episode Ever #11: Over-Explainy Angry Whisper

Happy Holidays, WEE listeners! Let's ruin them by talking about this episode. Widely regarded as the worst Christmas episode, we're watching Season 18's "Kill Gil, Volumes 1 & 2," an episode that manages to include senseless violence, animal abuse, and tired gay jokes on top of its loose Christmas plot. But it's not all bad! This is also the debut episode of the Grumple. Ok, so it is all bad... We perform a deep psychoanalysis of said Grumple, dig into whether Gil works in large doses, and ponder why this episode was so intent on making jokes about Scottsdale, Arizona. Why does the show insist on beating gags to death, especially with Homer's aggressive whisper? Why can WEE not stop talking about Marge? And why aren't you spending your holiday watching "The Stand" miniseries from 1994? All that, plus, an extensive discussion about Jerry Van Dyke and the 1997 TGIF line-up, our hatred for leprechauns, and another of Dan's delightful and violent Simpsons stories from the late 90s. Enjoy our gift to you, our faithful listeners (and apologies to Al Jean, who apparently created "Teen Angel"...). 

NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE: A very inebriated episode with Season 23's "How I Wet Your Mother"

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