Worst Episode Ever #6: Back to the Sexual Thing

Our sixth episode is a perfect introdoockshun for new “Worst Episode Ever” fans. We jump into Season 12 for an episode that the hosts actually saw back in the pre-9/11 days of “The Simpsons.” Jack, Dan, and returning guest Nick Noga dig into “Pokey Mom,” the episode where Michael Keaton, a recently released criminal, moves in with the Simpsons. So, the whole town has lived with the Simpsons at some point, right? We look at the differences in the opening animation over the years, the glory of Charles Napier’s voice over work, and Jack continues his unending love of Marge. What was this episode trying to say about chiropractors? How does Snake not make a single appearance in an episode about prison? And can someone please make us a re-cut trailer about Marge slowly losing her mind? Plus, we add “Pokey Mom” to our ever-expanding list of the worst episodes ever and where it ends up may shock you. But probably not. Check it out in the latest and greatest “Worst Episode Ever” and please don’t mind the sirens and the honking…

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