Worst Episode Ever #5: Playful Deceit

We’re back with the hit “Simpsons” podcast that our mother’s have attempted to listen to! And what kind of “Simpsons” show would we be without a Halloween episode airing well into November? So today we watch and dissect “Treehouse of Horror XX” with our guest, Mr. Nick Noga. Three chilling tales of references to better material that almost kind of work if you ignore the holes. We’ll discuss the lazy trope of the nagging wife, whether Groundskeeper Willie has been immune to change in later years, and the intricacies of the “got your nose” game for children. Are quality jokes about religion the only constant on the show? Was the world clamoring for the two most nasal and gravelly characters to share a song? Do vampires even have their own blood? We figure it all out and make it to the safe zone in the latest “Worst Episode Ever.”

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