Worst Episode Ever #33: South Park Did It

S18E17 - Marge Gamer

It's a slippity-sloppity, flippity-floppity Worst Episode Ever, where Dan and Jack watch Season 18's Marge Gamer, which is coincidentally about Marge Simpson of "The Simpsons." Marge gets addicted to a World of Warcraft-like video game while Homer has his own wacky adventure coaching Lisa's soccer team. Since when does Lisa like soccer? Is Ronaldo the worst guest star voice on "The Simpsons" or a secret best? And how many elephants are in this damn room? All of this, plus our lack of soccer knowledge, our dead-on Sideshow Mel impression, and a general cavalcade of patented WEE nonsense!

NEXT WEEK: Season 16's There's Something About Marrying

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