Worst Episode Ever #10: The Skinner Labyrinth

Our 10th anniversary episode! No? Ok, just our tenth episode…ery. We bend our rules to watch an infamous 90’s episode, Season 9’s “The Principal and the Pauper.” Many think this began the end of an era, an era that continues for 17 more years (and a movie) with no signs of stopping. It’s a strange story with secret impostors, shocking revelations, and America balls. But is it as bad as its reputation? We overanalyze this episode’s symbolism, speculate how badly this plot would be done in the HD era, and wonder if it would be better with a B-plot where Marge goes to space camp. Is this the start of shoehorning in the Simpsons at every possible point in a story they have no stakes in? Did they miss out by not making the real “fake” Skinner more different from the fake “real” Skinner? Does anyone named Tamzarian listen to this show? Who cares? Do any of you care? Hopefully the answer is yes, yes you do. Plus, Quantum Leap talk because we are not nerds! (Though you probably are…) Enjoy!

NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: A very Christmas-y episode with Season 18’s “Kill Gill Vol. I & II”

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