The Best of Worst Episode Ever - Volume 1


It's the greatest hits of Jack and Dan, courtesy of listener Peter Wakeman (or Ghostbuster Peter Venkman?). Enjoy reliving some of our favorite moments from our first 100 or so episodes, or listen to it for the first time! 

  • Episode 29 (Treehouse of Horror XVI) - "Groophic says: put on your helmet!'"
  • Episode 51 (Every Mans Dream) - "You broke my co-host!"
  • Episode 33 (Marge Gamer) - "I don't know what a Heemus is, but I don't like it."
  • Episode 64 (Old Yeller Belly) - "Then they asked Bart to put it in their butt."
  • Episode 98 (Sweets and Sour Marge) - "This episode has the curse of Meh-ta."
  • Episode 35 (The Haw-Hawed Couple) - "Do you want two fingers? Three fingers? A fist?"
  • Episode 40 (Midnight Towboy) - "I've seen better penises."
  • Episode 98 (Sweets and Sour Marge) - "There shouldn't be a vampire in The Simpsons!"
  • Episode 45 (Gone Maggie Gone) - "...crashing your car off a fucking bridge with a baby in the car!"
  • Episode 77 (The Musk Who Fell to Earth) - "That's what Cookie Monster would've sould like if he was sucking a dick."
  • Episode 7 (Penny Wiseguys) - "Jimbo decided a groin kick might be good."
  • Episode 89 (Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife) - "It was... it was messy."
  • Episode 64 (Old Yeller Belly) - "Nothing could bring me more satisfaction than like, the moment of his exasperation."
  • Episode 21 (The Frying Game) - "It seems like a lot of effort to get, like, doll clothes for your genitalia."
  • Episode 107 (Kamp Krustier) - "Why does this exist?"
  • Episode 12 (How I Wet Your Mother) - "Black Guys Please."

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