WEE Are Delayed! :(

Hey WEE Universe! Unfortunately, due to another family death (this time Dan's wife's uncle) and a general lack of time, this week's episode watching Season 10's "Simpsons Bible Stories" has been delayed indefinitely. We may still record that episode and release it as soon as it is available, or we may skip it and jump right to our next episode next week. No 90's Percentile this week for the same reasons. We will be releasing the uncut recording session from last week's episode though, featuring a lot (a lot) of nonsense since we were drinking and hamming it up for the Periscope audience.

And it sucks and we feel bad about it. (Not the uncut episode, just the general situation.) We've been consistently putting out this show for 60 something episodes, but 2016 is doing its hardest to kick us in the collective dicks and throw us off course. But YOU GUYS AND GALS are awesome and we can't thank you enough for supporting the show, supporting us, and telling your friends. 

Feel free to discuss in our subreddit and what not and make sure you're subscribed to the podcasts so you get the newest episodes as soon as they are available! 

And your calls for more Freet have not gone unheard...