Worst Episode Ever #15: Mom & Joe America

Everyone's favorite tertiary school official gets his moment in the spotlight in Season 23's "Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts," Super Duper Intendent Chalmers. Can Chalmers succeed where a string of teachers, parents, and parental figures failed by making Bart love learning? Or will Bart just turn into a terrorist? (Or both?) Dan and Jack are joined by special guest Brice Canedo-Pullan, assistant editor of the CBS show "Blue Bloods," who helps suss out this episode's strange pacing issues, dig into these guest animator couch sequences the HD era is so fond of, and analyze jokes about operating systems. Why does the news have a children's drawing of Bart's death by hanging? Why are we deprived of a long-winded Grampa story? And what's the deal with lateness fees, guys? Also, this episode features Nelson's mother, have we seen her before? All this, plus Jack can't say "anthropomorphic," Dan makes a terrible beets pun, and deep conversation about the opening credits to "Boy Meets World."

Here's a great article about how the newly HD-ified episodes cut out some great visual gags. 

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